Duckie (duckiedemonseed) wrote,

How did I become the referee in life?

So TJ's little going away party was last night at his house. Unfortunately the boy decided it would be a great idea to down an entire bottle of Jim Beam from 6:30-11:45. Yes I timed him. But this is not the bad part! The only people who showed up were my friends Sam, Robbie, Jen, and TJ's friend Brad. THAT'S IT! (Notwithstanding those who had good reasons they couldn't make it, or were on their way when I threw his ass in bed.) All his other friends opted to not go as they were 5 min away at another party down the street. It turns out the reason being they all are arguing over who's going to be the bigger asshole.

I have decided I'm not getting involved. I feel his little 22 year old ass needs to learn to grow up and realize he can't act like a damn teenager. I'm having second thoughts about moving in with him. And as I said last night to Heather and Molly, it's not my fault my friends being more mature and intelligent treat him better than his own childish comrades.

I have a feeling before I can take a step back from the situation, I need to be a quick mediator between the two factions and let them duke it out.
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