Duckie (duckiedemonseed) wrote,

Quite a dilemma...

So Monday I heard from the first grad school! Drum roll please.... SAN FRANCISCO! I have a phone interview with them at noon this Thursday. I promise to keep you all posted.

Now for my dilemma. Friday I came down with that dreaded peanut salmonella flu. Not quite sure where I got it, could have been from the veggie spring roll with peanut sauce I had at Pho Mekong Noodle house last Tuesday, or the cup of West African Peanut soup from the Tram last Monday. Either one, it doesn't matter. As it is right now, I'm fucking hungry and I REALLY want a pb&j, so I find myself staring at my P-Chopper chunky spread jar in severe trepidation. I think I'd eaten it way before I got sick and was fine, or maybe just got lucky. Normally I wouldn't care, but there's the interview on Thursday. Perhaps I just munch on a strawberry jelly sandwich and a glass of sangria. Yea, that sounds good.
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