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Cyber Cleaning!

I don't know why but I've been on a mission for a few weeks, taking last week off for Irish Fest. It all started when my iPod died. And it didn't just die, it died a slow painful death. No one will fix it because its so old and it'll cost more to repair than to just buy another. So I decided then and there, I'd solve my problem of not having a laptop for the studio. I've had several people visit my studio who wanted to see my website, look at work that is only possible to see installed properly in photos, and various other things. So I decided when the next semester starts, I'll be getting an iPad. So I got all excited about watching movies. Ok, watching Ab Fab and Dr. Who while working in the studio. Unfortunately itunes only uses one type of file that wasn't what all my movies were in. I downloaded a program to rewrite the files and plopped them into itunes. So my movie collection looks great! But my music was all mislabeled, and without album art. I'm still not fully done doing all of that bullshit, but I've put a serious dent into it.

After all of this hullabaloo, I figured I should go through my computer files, pictures and other crap. I've now put all my pictures all labeled and categorized into iphoto! I'm in love! I can now see all my images as big pictures right there in one scroll down and it's so much easier for me to find my shit!

The final phase was this morning. Before I left for Utica a week ago, I deleted my hotmail account to rid my life from all the spam, junk mail bullshit plaguing my life. This morning I combined my gmail account with my email for school into the mac Mail program! I've never been able to do this crazy computer crap before. So praise for the glorious How!

I finally feel like I've joined the 21'st century. Unfortunately the things I get all excited about are very similar to reactions of 40+ year old's in dealing with computers. I think I can still say I'm a bit of a Luddite, but as much as one can in this day and age. Needless to say I won't be getting rid of my typewriter anytime soon. The other thing is, all the things on my compy that I can choose how it looks is very steampunky. My wallpaper is black brocade for fuck sake.

The other thing is, after all of this I felt like shit after watching Frontline: Digital Nation. It's absolutely terrifying! I didn't realize that most college and high school teachers cannot assign a book over 200 pages because their kids can't read them! Or that they write in paragraphs not full essays. But I digress. It's worth a watch and think about yourself when you do.

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