Duckie (duckiedemonseed) wrote,

He's no Sotomayor

He's Joseph Pizarchik, President Obama's latest nominee, picked to lead the Office of Surface Mining -- the government agency in charge of mountaintop removal mining and coal ash storage.

Guess what? He's a big fan of unsafe coal ash disposal, and doesn't quite know where he stands on mountaintop removal mining -- despite bragging on his resume that he's been in the mining field for seventeen years.

Very soon, Mr. Pizarchik's nomination will head to the Senate for confirmation -- and your senators need to hear from you so that we can stop his appointment:

There are many, many qualified people who could fill this slot. Serious people who would do their best to stop mountaintop removal mining, and the practice of keeping mining waste near our waterways.

And that's who we need in the position -- not someone claiming to be a mining expert while putting off serious questions about the most destructive form of mining in use.

Take a minute right now, and raise these concerns to your senators -- your e-mail will make a huge impact on this issue:

And please, when you're done, forward this along to your friends and family.


Dan Stafford
Environmental Action Organizer
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